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The Pennsylvania Progressive

"We Will Kill Your Children"

by: John Morgan

Mon Aug 24, 2009 at 16:22:55 PM EDT

I predicted that revelations of what was done under George W. Bush and Dick Cheney would shock us when it finally was revealed.  In the past week we've had numerous shocks.  Today the ACLU obtained documents detailing how international laws and treaties were shattered and the America we knew and loved became a barbaric civilization.

Threats of murder, the use of power drills, firing a gun in an adjacent room to simulate the murder of another detainee, repeated tortures, all sorts of unspeakable atrocities were conducted in our names.  Blackwater was used by the CIA to assemble assassination squads so even the illegalities of war were privatized.

Kit Bond is criticizing the new policy of putting the responsibility for interrogation into the hands of the professionals to whom it should have been entrusted in the beginning:  the FBI.  Their skilled experts know how to extract valuable information without the use of torture and atrocities but Bush and Cheney refused to allow the rule of law to take control.  What else is new:  the subverted the rule of law everywhere.  Congressman Bond is afraid the new policy will politicize the effort when the exact opposite is happening.  Obama is depoliticizing what Bush politicized.  Bond was AWOL when it really mattered.  

Finally the Obama Administration is taking action to officially investigate war crimes.  Make no doubt about it, threatening to kill someone's children because they won't cooperate is a war crime.  Who knows, maybe we even did that too.  Attorney General Eric Holder appointed John Durham to investigate.

The Bush officials are not solely to blame.  The Fox Network dramatized war crimes through their popular "24" series about a rogue agent who favored torture.  Millions of Americans loved the cowboy mentality.  Unfortunately this attitude is that of barbaric civilizations not advanced ones dedicated to human rights.

America will never again be that shining beacon of light in a troubled world.  We have now descended into the nether regions of rogue nations.  How proud all those Republicans must be of how they destroyed 200 years of bright, shining democratic leadership.  We must all hang our heads in shame because we are all Americans.  We all must share the blame.

John Morgan :: "We Will Kill Your Children"
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GASP! (0.00 / 0)
I heard they put a bug in the hat of terrorist who was afraid of bugs....OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!  

PUHLEEZE, this (the imagined threatening of someone's family) basically ranks right up there with Alec Baldwins threat against Henry Hyde's kids on his Conan Obrien appearance....THOUGHT I'D FORGOT THAT, DIDNT YOU?????

and since you didnt give a care when that 'rude and thoughtless pig' baldwin did it to a seated US Congressman who wasnt engaged in warfare against our country...why do you care that our CIA operatives did it to terrorists?

in case you didnt both cases, the familys were not killed.  sheesh, you get your gutchies all in a wad over nothing sometimes, john.

have a great day :)

The rule of law (0.00 / 0)
I'm sorry to hear you have no regard for the rule of law.  Maybe we can get President Obama to declare your wife an "enemy combatant," have her arrested, deny her her due process rights and spirit her to a foreign country to be tortured.  No lawyers, no charges, no trial, no access to human rights.  

We took our rich heritage and flushed it down the toilet and you don't care.  Surprise, surprise.

Have you no regard or respect for basic human rights?

The real tragedy is that skilled FBI interrogators would have gotten all the information we needed, without the bogus crap, without sinking the USA to the same level as banana republic dictatorships.

I'm sorry you don't understand how wrong that was.

Follow me on Twitter:  JohnPMorgan

[ Parent ]
rule of law? (0.00 / 0)
its very convenient when you lefty's become the 'law and order' types.

if my wife is caught killing (or trying to kill) US soldiers, then let me know.  until then, I am not buying it.

and i thought you guys like banana republic dictators...Clinton had duvalier in Haiti, Kim Jong in North Korea and Barry Hussein embraces the thugs and exchanges books from Oprah's "bash america book of the month club"  from Hugo Chavez.  

again, no one had their families killed. sheesh, you ever heard of good cop bad cop? this is interrogation 101. "hey abdul, we got your friend Mohammed in the other room and he said it was you, unless you cooperate, we are going to pin this all on you and give you the maximum sentence....meanwhile, in the other room...hey Mohammed, your buddy abdul just told us YOU were the ringleader...

you know those third world dictators...they murder you...after REALLY having your wife raped in front of you.  Another Hussein was famous for that...Saddam.  

have a great day :)

[ Parent ]
Now we have that power (0.00 / 0)
I bet it doesn't look so great now, does it?

Either we abide by the rule of law or we don't.  If someone breaks into your home and isn't prosecuted because his lawyer cites these as precedents don't come crying to me.  Either we obey our laws and uphold them or we do not.  When we look the other way at war crimes we demean everything for which this nation once stood.  You don't "get" that.  We're weaker for it.

Follow me on Twitter:  JohnPMorgan

[ Parent ]
john... (0.00 / 0)
here's what you are not 'getting'

we arent actaully doing what those third world dictators ARE doing.  Sure, our CIA guys may have told some jerk wad terrorist they were going to kill his family as a threat. But they didnt.  In Saddams world, when he threatened your family, he followed up on it with real time action. If some arab in GITMO would have said "i dare you to kill my family" the CIA would said "crap, you called my bluff"

no one's family died john. they may have had a spider put in their shorts...GASP...or a stogey blown in their face...but really, is that really the most important issue in this fight against islamic extremists?

have a great day :)

[ Parent ]
Yes we did (0.00 / 0)
We aren't any longer but WE DID.  Threatening to kill someone's children, whether you do or not, IS barbaric.  After all we did to these prisoners, why would they think otherwise?

Follow me on Twitter:  JohnPMorgan

[ Parent ]
sorry... (0.00 / 0)
But I just get myself worked up over the fact that some CIA agent threatened terrorists in basically the same manner that Alec baldwin did to the children of henry Hyde. On TV. Which he later claimed was a joke.

So think of the CIA agents as bad comedians.  That should put your mind at ease. It was just a bad joke and if you believed that Alec wasnt serious, then yuo should give the same latitude towards our military personel.

unless of course you like Alec more than you do the people who put themselves on the front line defending our liberties...

have a great day :)

p.s. really, what did we do anyway? make them strip naked? big deal. deprived them of sleep? my daughter did that to me  for the first year of her life.  blew smoke in their face? ever been to a bar?   gave them lap dances...for FREE??  are you kidding me?  plus meals, korans and all sorts of other things that, hell, our soldiers dont even get.  

[ Parent ]
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