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The Pennsylvania Progressive

You Lie!

by: KirkWentzel

Thu Sep 10, 2009 at 07:41:50 AM EDT

So...Mr. Wilson, (R) from South Carolina decided to try to grab the spotlight during the President's healthcare reform speech by telling all of us that the President lies. Then after the event ended he promptly RAN out of the room.

I cannot imagine the outrage from the right had any Democratic member of Congress called that out during one of George W's speeches but such is the nature of the right-wing double standard.

Mr. Wilson's subsequent apology for his "lack of civility" rings hollow. This morning, not surprisingly, all of Mr. Wilson's websites, including his website are "down for maintenance".

I was going to send Mr. Wilson a short note thanking him for not being my Representative. If he was my representative I would be so embarrassed and ashamed of his behavior.

Nevertheless I'm sure the extreme right will hold him up as a fearless legislature who wasn't afraid to call it the way he see's it. Fair enough...and as much I as I vilify him, I would also like to thank him for making the President's point about civility.

Mr. Wilson proved that politics are too partisan. Time for these people to stop worrying about their damn party and start worrying about the American people.

To see the GOP in the chamber last night it was very clear to me that they don't give a rat's ass about healthcare for ordinary Americans.

Put your websites back online Mr. Wilson...hear what the American public has to say to you (good and bad).

Last night, the menace was Mr. Wilson and, ultimately, the victim will be the GOP who will suffer for his outburst, as perhaps they should. Mr. Wilson showed his party's colours. Hey Mr. Wiiiiilsooon! Learn a lesson...tis better to be silent and have people suspect you're a fool than to open your mouth and confirm their suspicions.

KirkWentzel :: You Lie!
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You Lie! | 18 comments
I dont see him being a rallying point... (0.00 / 0)
This is the GOP we are talking about...we dont circle the wagons in defense of ANYONE. We cut ties the minute the NYT shows up on the door asking questions. We are a party of the pushover. We wouldnt even defend trent lotts 'be nice to the 90 yr old' words about Strom...and didnt make a stink over Chris Dodd's 'be nice to the 90yr olds' words that basically said the same thing.

Wilson will not be celebrated. And even though I totally agree with the idea that barry hussein is lying when it comes to insuring illegals (my guess is that barry's plan is to make them LEGAL prior to nannystate coverage) he was WAY out of line in disrupting the speech. WAY out of line.

there have been boos, sneers, sitting on the hands, not standing, etc...all of which have become part of the discourse. But i think he crossed a line and sadly, I dont see this being the end. If the next president is a GOP'er, I see the left using Wilson's bad example as precedent and going straight to open heckling.

As for double standards, i have stated time and time again the left's complete and double standard on a variety of issues...from racism, to sexism, to political discourse and dissent.

Wilson's outburst didnt do us any favors

have a great day :)

go steelers...first game of the season tonight!!  

Steeler? (0.00 / 0)
What's a steeler? First what game of who's season?

You are welcome to disagree...


[ Parent ]
ah Kirk... (0.00 / 0)
nice to talk to you again...

and since your lack of NFL knowlegdge should cause you to turn in your man card...

the Steelers are the premier team in the most popular sports league in the country  :)

not sure if you read my earlier give and take with John about them...and John made the crack about our QB being an accused rapist...and i turned around and said the accused rapist tag didnt bother you when it was the president  :)

comedy gold, i tells ya!

hope all is well
have a great day :)

[ Parent ]
A Steeler (0.00 / 0)
is a pro football player so pumped up on drugs he'll die by age 50.

Follow me on Twitter:  JohnPMorgan

[ Parent ]
Wilson's lie (0.00 / 0)
seems to be based on this belief that because Democrats defeated an amendment to force enforcement of the exclusion undocumented immigrants could get medical care if, for example, they are run over by a bus.  Heaven help us help someone in that situation....but here are the facts.

Democrats voted against the amendment because where it exists in some states it is fiscally ridiculous.  In order to save 14 cents of medical care it costs $100.  Would you spend $100 to save 14 cents?  No, so Dems voted it down.  So much for fiscal responsibility.

Follow me on Twitter:  JohnPMorgan

This is the dems we are talking about here... (0.00 / 0)
talking out the sides of their mouth...

in that scenario..the person hit the bus...if that happened today...THAT PERSON WOULD BE COVERED IN OUR OPPRESSIVE, UNFAIR, RUN BY EVIL HALIBU...I MEAN INSURANCE COMPANIES.  

And remind me again that the same democratic party which ponied up 787 Billion in a stimulus and untold trillions is deficit spending, are now the pious keepers of the healthcare pursestrings?  

honestly, i think they shot it down was because they want truly CRADLE TO GRAVE government healthcare...and those illegals are a great way to get more votes.

games about to come on...ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?????

have a great day :)

[ Parent ]
Well actually (0.00 / 0)
the hospital that treats this person would have to suck up the cost. They would overcharge other patients to make up the cost of treating the immigrant. No insurance company would end up paying a cent.  

[ Parent ]
Facts prove (0.00 / 0)
that those without insurance get inadequate care, are more likely to die in the hospital, and are discharged before ready.  We ALL pay when we're inhumane.

Follow me on Twitter:  JohnPMorgan

[ Parent ]
sigh...and this goes to Dave, Matt and John... (0.00 / 0)
My point was that the person who was hit by the bus would receive care.  And to hear your side tell the tale, millions of people are dying in the streets today because they dont have access to health care coverage.  which simply isnt true.


see how that works?

Senator barry hussein said WE ARE AIR RAIDING VILLAGES AND KILLING CIVILIANS!!   president barry hussein is currenlty air raiding villages and killing civilians, but for some reason you leftys lost your ability to march on DC in protest of the war.

Are you seeing a pattern?

here's another...

SOMEONE BROKE WINDOWS AND PAINTED SWASTIKAS ON A DNC HEADQUARTER...THEY MUST HAVE BEEN (this is for you Matt) GIVEN MARCHING ORDERS BY RUSH LIMBAUGH!!!  what? it was a democrat trying to drum up sympathy who actualy did it?

i can do this all day, but you get the idea.

You leftys scream like banshees at the outset of anything you think will gain you political traction...THINK DUKE LACROSSE..but when the facts come out, you slink away. THINK THE MARINES SMEARED BY JOHN MURTHA.

As for having shame...the left saying that the other side has no shame is as funny to me as when John tries to...very often...say that the party of Sandy Berger is the party of evidence and document integrity.

have a great day :)

[ Parent ]
Once again...take care as to who might have access to your computer (0.00 / 0)
"in that scenario..the person hit the bus...if that happened today...THAT PERSON WOULD BE COVERED IN OUR OPPRESSIVE, UNFAIR, RUN BY EVIL HALIBU...I MEAN INSURANCE COMPANIES."  
Above is quoted (verbatim) the first sentence of what appears to be the snarling of a rabid dog.
I cannot believe that these are your actual words and so one is forced to assume that some idiot has once again managed to take possession of your computer.
This has been an interesting (if quite sobering) 24 hours since the president's speech on reforming healthcare before a joint session of Congress.
America watched while their president made every effort to reach out and find common ground with the Republican members of the House and Senate, only to be rewarded with the silent scorn from almost the entire delegation (God help them...Big Brother Rush might be watching) as well as one total jerk of a congressman from South Carolina who screams out his disrespect for the same leader of the nation.
In terms of this foregoing 24 hours and in a pure nonpartisan effort, one is forced to ask the following of each and every conservative who posts on this blog, whether you are a Republican, Libertarian or whatever:
How can you continue to avoid your duty as a decent citizen to both censor and condemn not only the outragious behavior of this Joe Wilson, but of the entire Republican Party that now stands naked without honor.
To paraphrase the celebrated attorney Joseph Welch, who represented the United States Army against Senator Joe McCarthy:
Have you no sense of long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"
Tom Mathews


Questioning who or what? (0.00 / 0)
Are you perhaps hallucinating...suggesting that I was among those who attacked General Petreaus...or are you saying that it was McCarthy that did so?
Please re-read your is disjointed and doesn't even make sense. I need to ask Again, does some moron have access to your computer?
What was done to General Petreaus by "Move On" was a dispeakable act that should be denounced by every decent American, including myself, whether they are on the left, right or center of politics.                                                                                                                                                                        I also never questioned the patriotism of former President GW Bush. History will find him to have been among our worse presidents, a person who was totally unqualified for the position he held.
Had Bush been successful in his hare-brained attempt to privatize Social Security in 2004, the several million Republican and Libertarian fools who would have gambled their SS money on the stock market would now all be on relief and eating in soup kitchens.
Matt Thomas  

You Lie! | 18 comments
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