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The Pennsylvania Progressive

Catholic Spokesman: Blame Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Not the Church

by: John Morgan

Thu Mar 25, 2010 at 16:57:46 PM EDT

Rick Sanchez of the Celebrity News Network (CNN) had Bill Donohue of the Catholic League on his show this afternoon so he could defend the priest who molested 200 deaf kids.  You'd think this would be pretty indefensible wouldn't you?  Not for Mr. Donohue who has never seen anything the Church do which would ne immoral.  The Inquisitition?  They were only witches and homosexuals so who cares?  200 deaf kids?  It wasn't the Church's fault but the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.  So these two organizations forced the Catholic Church to molest children then cover it up?  If you ever had reason to  leave the Church this is it.  His explanation went like this:  it's their fault because they have fought mandatory reporting laws for statutory rape.  Planned Parenthood protects anyone who goes there because its mission is women's health.  The ACLU's mission is to protect our freedoms.  The Catholic Church, on the other hand, says its mission is to save our souls.  When you put yourself up as doing "God's work," "saving souls" and being the moral arbiter of society your mission is a bit different from the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.  Hiding priest sexual abuse of children was the Church's real mission it seems, and Bill Donohue will defend it to the death and CNN won't challenge him on the Church violating its own moral authority.  The Catholic Church had a moral obligation over and above whatever the law required because of what it said it stood for, because it said it was doing God's work and because it puts itself in the position to judge others' behavior.  Shame on Rick Sanchez and CNN for not challenging him on his specious argument.
John Morgan :: Catholic Spokesman: Blame Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Not the Church
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Disclaimer: I am a member of Planned Parenthood of PA

Words, feelings, & sheer mental conceptual rendering does not begin to explain the stupefying nature and absolutely beyond absurd characterization of Mr. Donohue in his bastardized & brazened attempt to not only scapegoat the whole situation, but to do so in such an adhominem, propter hoc, bullshit-laiden, 100% USDA choice shinola manner.  

Mr Bill Donohue, what are you smoking and please don't share it with anyone else, 'cause damn! you've got to be stoned off your butt and more to come up with stuff like that.  

I could see if the issue involved abortion rights, choice/pro-life, etc.  you might have a shoestring argument to make here.  


Your references are so far apart in terms of attaching any kind of credible link that even the most knee-jerk, and ridiculous people, who believe anything they are told, are gonna do at least a double take on this one.  

Yes, the Catholic Church does attempt to do God's work, and since you failed to note that what the priest did was wrong, in your tirade, then apparently, doing God's work, involves the act of molestation of children.  Apparently, also, the morals that are espoused by the Catholic Church for all its followers and everyone in humanity to follow by example, does not apply at all to clergy in the Catholic Church.  

I know when Muslim extremist do things abroad or here in the USA, against other people, we expect to hear condemnations from the Muslim world regarding the actions of those who call themselves Muslim, but have perverted their faith for their own ends.  I would hope (though I sadly doubt) that we will see such condemnations from other Catholic brethren and congregations or bishops around the country or world.  

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