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The Pennsylvania Progressive

News & Notes February 18, 2012

by: John Morgan

Sat Feb 18, 2012 at 18:11:56 PM EST

People were out walking in shirtsleeves this afternoon.  This is the mildest winter ever but the global warming deniers, who call legislators every time it snows to debunk what they don't understand, are awfully quiet this time.  Funny how they only complain when it's cold rather than when it's regularly in the mid 50s in February.

Faux News, the network busy brainwashing these morons on climate change doesn't even understand where the Himalayan Mountains sit.  They got called on the carpet once again for intentionally misinforming their viewers.

Speaking of climate deniers 19 corporations are funding the Heartland Institute, a think tank devoted to brainwashing people that the extreme weather they're seeing on TV every day isn't unusual.  These include Comcast, AT&T, General Motors, Anheuser Busch, Pepsi, Time Warner Cable, Pfizer, Eli Lilly and others.  Don't buy their products.

Extreme lawmakers in Harrisburg are pushing new legislation which would require women seeking abortions to undergo mandatory ultrasounds and then sign a copy of it before having the procedure.  This amounts to state sponsored rape since they must be penetrated without their permission for the ultrasound.  Since when can Big Government force you to have something inserted into your genitalia?

Gasoline prices are heading up again because commodity speculators continue to be unregulated.  President Bush changed the rules of the game and huge amounts of investment funds began pouring into commodities markets driving up prices.  Why hasn't Obama put the old regulations back in place?

Mitt's Arizona Co-Chair resigned today after his immigrant boyfriend, um, ex-boyfriend, outed him.

Mitt wasn't the only presidential contender dealing with the gay community this week.  Newt's bus broke down in the middle of West Hollywood.  No word on how long it took them to remove all the glitter.

NJ Gov. Chris Christie vetoed its same sex marriage bill within hours of its passage.  He thinks minority civil rights should be put to popular votes.  Let's pass some legislation restricting the rights of anyone over 300 pounds and see how he likes that.  No more McDonalds for you if you can't fit through the doors Guv.

A report about the Los Alamos Laboratory's privatization shows lower morale among the issues.  Privatizing government facilities means they no longer serve the public good at reasonable costs.  Instead they cost taxpayers more for less because they now serve their shareholders interests rather than ours.  Why anyone would privatize any government agency is beyond me because it always leads to bad results for the people.  LANL is one of our critical facilities doing cutting edge scientific research.  It's mission shouldn't be how to make a buck for investors.

State Rep. Ken Smith lied on his financial disclosure statements.  The PA House should bring him up on ethics charges and expel him.  This is inexcusable.

Rupert Murdoch's British hacking scandal may yet have repercussions here.  The corruption of public officials may invoke the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Let's see them shut them down!

John Morgan :: News & Notes February 18, 2012
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