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The Pennsylvania Progressive

State Wrap Up

by: John Morgan

Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 15:26:31 PM EST

Mitt Romney can fire his campaign staff.

Barack Obama won Pennsylvania with 52% of the vote, exactly what polls predicted.  Mitt Romney took 46.8% and Jill Stein 0.4%, Gary Johnson 0.9%  Neither third party candidate was a factor so I didn't waste my vote.  Philly and the ring counties, as usual, decided this election.  When they turn out Democrats win when they don't Republicans win.  Democrats need to figure out how to turn them out in off year elections.  These drop off voters are killing them.

Dems swpet the three statewide row offices:  Treasurer Rob McCord for Treasurer, Kathleen Kane for Attorney General and Eugene Depasquale for Auditor General.  There will need to be a special election for Eugene's State House seat in York County.

Bob Casey received almost 54% of the vote, low for him but still a decisive win.  Considering the fact he barely mounted a campaign that's pretty good.  Did he do any appearances before the final week?  Tom Smith dropped $10 million of his own money in the general election after spending several additional millions in last spring's primary.  It got him nada.

Congress was a clear victory for the GOP.  They held all five seats they took in 2010 and added Mark Critz's scalp to their collection.  They drew the new 12th Congressional District to favor their candidate and Keith Rothfus, propelled by considerable outside PAC money narrowly won.  All incumbent Republicans won.

So much for voters being disgusted with gridlock, they either split their tickets or Dems undervoted.  Washington will remain gridlocked.  While the Tea Party took a beating nationally they kept their seats here.

Democrats picked up three seats in the State Senate.  Janet Anderson of whom we wrote some in the final stretch lost badly to Sean Wiley in Erie.  That was an open seat previously held by moderate Republican Jane Earll.  Jeff Piccola's retirement in the 15th around Harrisburg resulted in Rob Teplitz winning.  The Senate is now a far more moderate 27-23 in favor of the GOP.  This will force them to be more cooperative with Democrats.

Republicans held onto the State House.  I had several personal friends running and was sorry to see them lose.  Joe Haas ran a race in the 187th where he knocked on thousands of doors.  Gary day held the Lehigh/Berks seat.  Erik Saar, a national security consultant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff ran in heavily Republican western Berks and ran a very strong (for that area) 41%.  Openly gay candidate Chris Dietz lost his race in suburban Dauphin County.  Jo Ellen Bowman who sits with me on the Bard of Planned Parenthood lost her contest against Jeff Pyle.

Brian Sims will be the first openly gay State Representative.  Daryl Metcalfe was re-elected unopposed.  Newcomer Erin Molchany won decisively in her Pittsburgh area contest.  Unfortunately the district moves to Allentown under redistricting.

In my home State House district Mark Rozzi won going away with 70.5% against bigot Jim Billman.  The violent and dangerous David Maloney won re-election in the 130th.  Dan McNeil succeeds the disgraced Joe Brennan in Lehigh Valley's 133rd.  The 146th in nearby western Montco apparently has gone to progressive Mark Painter over incumbent Tom Quigley.

John Morgan :: State Wrap Up
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